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Debtor´s paradise – a tale of Spanish (un) justice

Jan Willem de Haan, Barcelona March 2008, Eurofenix

“Most published articles deal with general tendencies and legislative changes but hardly ever with real life stories that show serious deficiences of legal systems that cry for improvement and reform.

This article describes an existing and still ongoing case of a bankrupt Spanish company and its liquidators who “took the money and ran” at least the money they should have paid to my client. The case is not an exception to the rule. In today’s Spain these cases still occur, at least in my practice they do. It turns out that even if there are sufficient assets to pay back a large part of the debts to the creditors, it is still very difficult for a creditor to get his money.

In order to show that nothing is invented, I obtained permission from my client Egidius Janssen B.V. to publish all data of the case.
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This article was published in a abbreviated version on the August 2008 edition of “Eurofenix”, the quarterly review of INSOL Europe, the European association of insolvency practitioners. Read more

Een Europese regeling voor beslag op bankrekeningen en mogelijke consequenties voor Nederland

Jan Willem de Haan, Barcelona September de 2007

“De Europese Commissie (“EC”) ontwikkelt al sinds geruime tijd initiatieven om de rechtspraktijken van de verschillende EU-lidstaten te integreren en beter op elkaar af te stemmen. Zij doet dit op basis van de verschillende Europese verdragen, zoals het EEG-verdrag 1957, het Verdrag van Maastricht 1992, het Verdrag van Amsterdam 1997, etc. die in toenemende mate Europese éénwording beogen. Er bestaat nu een initiatief van de EC tot verbetering van de effectuering binnen de EU van conservatoir beslag op bankrekeningen. De EC heeft hierover in oktober 2006 een groenboek [1] gepubliceerd. Ik noem dit initiatief het “Europees Beslagproject.”
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Questions were answered by Jan Willem de Haan in an article published on 6 march 2008 on the website of the European commission.
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This article was published in an abbreviated version in the 2008 edition of 24 october 2008 of the Advocatenblad, the two weekly review of the Dutch Bar Association (” De Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten”).
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Reaction and postscriptum to this article were published to the edition of 14 November 2008 of the “Advocatenblad”.
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