Quality is our most important asset. Our motto is: solid, open en direct. To make sure to meet the high standards of our clients, we must exactly offer them these values.


Open stands for an open relation with our clients. Trust is the basis of a relation with a lawyer and trust can only exist in an open relationship.

Our clients must trust us and there must be no restraint. Open also means: inform our clients thoroughfully in their legal situation and provide them with posible next steps and solutions.


The Dutch are known to be direct and we are a firm with a Dutch tradition. We are direct when we need to in order to act in our clients’ interest, even if it implies revealing to our client a harsh truth on his legal position. Being direct also means goal and result oriented.


We must be good to offer quality to our clients. Therefor our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to solve our clients’ legal problems with support from a multidisciplinary and well-trained staff