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The number of foreigners that has settled in Spain has grown significantly over the past years and with them the number of related legal problems. Our twentyfive plus years of experience in Spain has helped us to get an idea of these problems and there are many.
Most of the problems concern retired people whose children live outside Spain. These children or family usually are not sufficiently aware of what is going on with their parents in Spain.

Image: Camille Brodard – House in Spain (Unsplash)

We have seen problems arise in relation to the sale or purchase of real estate through unreliable intermediaries, in many cases of the same nationality as the buyers or sellers.

People that become older tend to become physically and mentally more dependent on others and on the Spanish “Costas” many of whom are “con artists” or professional deceivers who have found prosperous hunting grounds. These impostors try to gain the confidence of older people and abuse this confidence to empty their bank accounts or be named in their wills.

The liquidation and settlement of inheritances is another area that leads to difficult situations. Foreign testators living in Spain often leave valuable real estate to successors abroad who lack the time to occupy themselves with these properties. As a result unreliable intermediaries are contracted for selling the assets and it is then done on unfair conditions.

Added value

Where can you go to avoid these problems? You can go to De Haan Abogados.

We rank among the most experienced foreign lawyers in Spain.

We know the law and we know how it works in practice.

As lawyers permitted to practice law in Spain, we are controlled by the very strict rules of our Bar Association. That is another reason why you can rely on us as lawyers instead of the self-proclaimed real estate brokers who are not controlled by anybody.

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De Haan Abogados is a commercial Law Firm with a focus on foreign entrepreneurs and corporate clients with investments or activities in Spain. We, however, also support and advise private individuals with legal questions and issues in Spain.

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