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The company culture

De Haan Abogados is not a conventional law firm. What we try to do is unite the background of your country with the Spanish culture and create a platform that allows for prosperous transactions and lasting results.
Our credo is: “the best of two worlds”, respecting the specific character of each culture.
We try to adapt our focus and organisation according to the necessities of each individual case. No matter where we are, our values always remain the same: open, direct and solid.

What we offer

Joining De Haan Abogados offers the opportunity to work in the exciting city of Barcelona in a team of highly qualified experienced and motivated people on unique cases in the field of private international law. We offer motivated candidates the possibility to be educated and trained in different jurisdictions and legal systems as well as the opportunity to work in an open and dynamic law firm.

What we ask

We ask a lot. Ambition, focus, talent, intelligence and perseverance are not enough. We also look for flexibility and the capacity to adapt to the specific Spanish culture, as well as the capacity to work abroad in a multi-cultural team. We ask at least: law degree with good results; good language skills, preferably English, Spanish, Dutch or any another official language spoken in the European Union. A demonstrable affinity with and knowledge of Spanish culture.

Working with De Haan Abogados?

Did we trigger your interest? Do you feel you could live up to our standards and expectations? In that case please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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