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Private individuals


De Haan Abogados is a commercial law firm with a focus on foreign entrepreneurs and corporate clients with investments or activities in Spain. We, however, also support and advise private individuals with legal questions and issues in Spain.

The most common areas for individuals are the following:

Advising on and supervision of purchase or sales transactions involving real estate, apartments, vessels and other registered goods.

Advising on and carrying out of administrative procedures, building licences, and negotiations with financial entities such as banks etc.

Conducting of law suits and procedures before the courts on issues related to the purchase and sale of registered goods or inheritances.

Administration and liquidation of (the Spanish part of) inheritances.

We have gathered vast experience for well over twentyfive years. We have the necessary know-how and we do not have to fall back on other lawyers. Still, there are cases we prefer to resolve in close collaboration with our proven network of specialists, like cases related with family law and criminal law.

Added value

As a private individual in Spain, you have an added disadvantage over the entrepreneur or the incorporated company. You may not only lack fluency in Spanish and sufficient knowledge of rules and customs, but you may also not have the necessary funds or time to enter in legal battles or to learn by trial and error.

De Haan Abogados counsels private individuals and takes their specific circumstances in consideration. You are therefore invited to contact us in order to get a good understanding of your situation and we can give you an idea of the time and cost for solving your problems.

While there are no guarantees in our business, we ensure that we give 100% to solving your issues while complying with legal boundaries and looking for flexibility within our financial conditions.

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