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Public Administration and Taxation


When performing any activities, you invariably interact with public entities and you touch upon the provisions of Administrative law. If you set up a business in Spain, make sure you are thoroughly informed and seek assistance so that these public entities will not hurt your plans. De Haan Abogados will be pleased to assist you.

“Public Administration” includes all regulations from the various public entities you may run into. Think of building licenses, licenses to open up a shop for public or decisions of the administration that affect your rights or property. It also includes the rules these public entities themselves must respect in order to issue such regulations, or decisions, something these public entities not always do. This area also is referred to as Administrative Law.

Taxation is an exclusive privilege of the state and forms an important part of the public administration. Since its content is highly specialised and sometimes complicated, it requires an in-depth expertise.

De Haan Abogados can give you direct answers to all your questions about taxation. In addition to our own expertise, we have experienced external collaborators who can assist in certain areas in which we do not specialize.

Added value

Over the last twenty years, De Haan Abogados has gathered a lot of experience in dealing with the Spanish public administration agencies. We can point out to you where the Spanish practice differs from what you may be accustomed to. You will understand how things work and you will be able to operate more successfully in Spain.

In an ideal world, the public administration would set a good example for its citizens and ensure that its decisions comply fully with the rules and regulations around a citizen’s right to be properly informed, terms to be observed, and the possibility of objecting to resolutions.

Unfortunately, things do not always work out this way. Especially with the lower level administrations like the municipalities, citizens remain uninformed or the administration does not observe the public law. As an entrepreneur or a citizen, you believe that the administration will act correctly, but too often, it does not.

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